How to Start Paper Napkin Business

How to start paper napkin business with small scale CHINA paper napkin machine.

hopefully below advise can help provide some advice regarding How to start paper napkin business with a small-scale CHINA paper napkin machine.

To start paper napkin business, you can follow the following step-by-step.

Firstly, and the most importantly, how to start paper napkin business, you need to buy a high-quality napkin paper folding machine.

For example, this is sample of a tissue paper napkin printing machine or other high technology but low-price tissue paper napkin converting machines. There are many kinds of tissue paper napkin making machines. You can do the market research first on what kind of napkin papers exactly you want to produce. There are 1/4 quarter fold paper napkins size 300x300mm, beverage napkin or coffee napkin 250x250mm, dinner napkin 400x400mm, tall fold dispenser napkins, L fold dispenser napkins for Starbucks, interfold paper napkin (either printed or plain). And then buy the corresponding paper napkin machine as needed. Different tissue paper napkin products need different paper napkin folding machine. You can check out the below videos of the tissue paper napkin machines for sale from China manufacturer for reference. Those machines are high quality, good price and labor-saving.

Videos of high speed 1/4-fold napkin paper machine 7500 sheet/min showing How to start paper napkin business:

Pictures of the paper napkin machine for reference, very important part of the paper napkin business:
paper napkin machine for napkin business

Printed napkin output from the paper napkin machine.
paper napkin printing business

Different types of paper napkin foldings you might need to start paper napkin business. Some foldings can be done by the same machine but some napkin foldings need separately different paper napkin folding machine.
types paper napkin business

Secondly, to start paper napkin business, you will also need to find raw material suppliers for jumbo paper rolls, plastic bags for packaging, water inks(if you want produce printed napkins).

About jumbo paper rolls, you can buy them locally in your country or import from other countries like China, Indonesia, Vietnam etc. which are the leading countries in paper making industry.

About plastic packaging bags, you can also buy them locally or import from China as there are thousands of companies there with very good prices.
Below pictures of jumbo tissue paper roll needed to start paper napkin business.
paper napkin business raw material

Thirdly, to start paper napkin business, you also need to have some workers as below.

• Operator-who should be mechanic or who knows how to operate paper napkin business, work and maintain a napkin paper printing machine etc., has once been in the tissue paper napkin converting industry or tissue paper napkin converting companies. This can help you a lot.

• Basic napkin paper machine workers to pack the tissue paper napkin and carton the final products by hand or semi-auto tissue paper napkin packing machine or even fully automatic tissue paper napkin packaging machine.

Normally for a start-up tissue paper napkin company, you need about 3–4 workers.

Above are the three basic things that you need about how to start paper napkin business. Of course, different kinds of paper napkin business needs different paper napkin machines and raw material, please find out more knowledge here about how to start paper napkin business.
Below semi-automatic paper napkin packaging machine needed to start paper napkin business.
how to start paper napkin business

Different kinds of printed paper napkins, good for start paper napkin business,
paper napkin making business