How to produce paper napkins with CHINA paper napkin machine

How to produce paper napkins.

Beautifully packaged or neatly folded paper napkins are often seen on the dining table. I wonder if you have noticed that those paper napkins are actually different sizes and the patterns are not necessarily the same. So what determines the pattern and the size of the paper napkin? How are paper napkins made?

Below are some steps about how to produce paper napkins.

The machines for making paper napkins are a jumbo paper roll slitting machine and the paper napkin folding machine. The jumbo paper roll slitting machine is mainly used to cut the tissue paper jumbo roll from single-layer rewinding into single-layer, two-layer or three-layer jumbo paper napkin rolls for folding paper napkins, boxed facial tissue, interfold paper towel etc.. The paper napkin folding machine can produce 1/4 fold table napkin, 1/6 fold tall fold dispenser napkin, 1/8 fold dinner napkin, L-fold or quarter fold square napkins, wallet tissue paper, N-shaped napkins and M-shaped napkins (the width can be adjusted arbitrarily). Embossed pattern can be customized according to customer needs, word, flowers or company LOGO can be added.

First step to produce paper napkins
Let's take a look at the raw materials used in paper napkin processing, which is the so-called coil paper or jumbo roll. Because of the particularity of paper, it is necessary to wrap it with plastic paper to prevent moisture when it is not in production.

The next step to produce paper napkins is to let the coiled paper or jumbo tissue roll pass through the embossing roller for embossing. After passing through the embossing roller, the original plain coil paper or jumbo tissue roll will have the same embossing pattern as the embossing pattern on the embossing roller.

To sum up, the process of how to produce paper napkins (also called processing paper napkins) by the paper napkin machine is: jumbo roll paper - embossed by embossing rollers - cut into two parts from the middle and folded by the folding plate - respectively entering the half-folding folding rollers - cutting the paper napkin by the circular band saw. Then it becomes a paper napkin of a specific specification. This paper napkin folding machine is fully automatic, that is to say, as long as the paper is placed on the machine, the paper napkin folding machine can automatically unwind, emboss, fold and produce napkins, and only manual paper napkin packaging machine or fully automatic paper napkin packing machine is required. This is the basic entire production process of paper napkins production.
how to produce paper napkin

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Below are some videos to show you basically how to produce paper napkins with our papre napkin folding machines

Basic paper napkin folding machine with full embossing and 2 colors printing and semi-automatic paper napkin packaging machine.

Fully Automatic Paper Napkin Machine with auto transfer to automatic paper napkin packing machine to produce paper napkins without worker hand touch.

High Speed Paper Napkin Folding Machine to produce paper napkins at high speed 2500 napkins per miunte.