Steel to mirror embossing unit for tissue machines

Steel to mirror embossing unit for tissue machines

Steel to mirror embossing unit for tissue machines

  • Product No.: Steel to mirror embossing unit for tissue machines



Steel to mirror embossing unit for tissue machines

Output type

1 layer, with 2 lines output.

Folding speed

400-700 piece/min, depending on the paper quality and napkin size.

High speed model available, to be negotiated.

Raw paper

13-20g/m2 2-ply, 20-45g/m2 1-ply, wooden pulp paper or others.

Other sizes please specify.

Jumbo roll size

(200-460)mm x Φ1200mm (Depending on your napkin size,customized)

Napkin unfolded size

200mm x 200mm to 460mm x 460mm  or Customized.

Napkin folded size

100mm x 100mm to 230mm x 230mm

One size is fixed.

One napkin size is adjustable, decided by the paper roll width.

Folding type

Mechanical fold with band saw cutting; 1/4 fold;

Vacuum folding and other folding types available.

Folding unit

With or without folding fingers.

Embossing unit

1- Steel to paper(wool), Male to female.  (Steel to steel is available.)

2- Embossing pattern can be any LOGO, brand name, flowers etc.

3- Embossing pattern can be customized by client or recommended by us

4- Controlled by screws, mechanical pressing type. Cylinder type is optional.

Printing unit

1- Flexo printing type.

2- Printing colors customized up to 8 colors.

3- Printing Logo is changeable. You just need to change the Printing Rubber only.

4- Anilox printing roll.

5- Printing roll is adjustable.

6- Ink printing system to be negotiated.

Tension control

Speedless Tension control  unit to fit the machine for paper of different quaity and different gsm.

With automatic web guiding system.

With automatic web tension control system.

Calendar unit

Make the napkin softer.


Automatic counting unit

Emergent stop

Emergent stop unit to inspect any paper breaks, paper jams.

Paper feeding

Synchronizer for feeding paper


10Kw depends on requiremetns  (3-phase AC380V 50Hz or customized)

Machine size




Videos and photos available.

 Steel to mirror tissue embossing unit


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