2Lanes High Speed paper napkin machine in China 3000 napkin/minute

2Lanes High Speed paper napkin machine in China 3000 napkin/minute
  • 2Lanes High Speed paper napkin machine in China 3000 napkin/minute
  • 2Lanes High Speed paper napkin machine in China 3000 napkin/minute
  • 2Lanes High Speed paper napkin machine in China 3000 napkin/minute
  • 2Lanes High Speed paper napkin machine in China 3000 napkin/minute

The 2Lanes High Speed paper napkin machine in China makes 3000 napkin/minute. It is Taiwan technology. It can be with embossing unit, color printing unit & point to point lamination unit. Available fastest paper napkin machine 6000 napkin per minute.

  • Product No.: ACE-TNM-2L


2Lanes High Speed paper napkin machine in China 3000 napkin/minute

This ACE-TNM-2L 2 lanes high speed paper napkin machine is mainly used to automatically fold, emboss, print, cut and count 1/4 fold table napkins, cocktail napkin, lunch napkin, restaurant napkins, beverage napkin, luncheon napkin, 1/6 fold tallfold dispenser napkin, wallet tissue and MG paper napkins etc. The mainly function of this machine is to manufacture customized plain, embossed and LOGO printed tissue paper napkins. It can run at very high speed up to 3000 napkins per minute.

1 up and down two decks
2 high speed up to 3000 sheet/min
3 Embossed and customized printed
4 Easy operation
5 Easy maintenance.
6 Napkin size can be customized

Quick details:
1 Size 300x300mm
2 Steel to paper embossing unit
3 two colors printing napkin machine
4 mechanical 1/4 1/6 1/8 fold
5 Super high speed up to 3000 napkin/min

Video of this 2 lanes high speed paper napkin machine for reference.

Technical parameters as below
Output type 2 decks
2 lanes
2 lines
2 channels
2 outs
Napkin Machine production speed
about 2000-3000 napkin/minute, depending on the paper napkin quality and napkin size.
Raw material jumbo roll paper
13-20g/m2 2-ply, 16-45g/m2 1-ply, wooden pulp paper or nonwoven airlaid.
Other sizes please specify.
Jumbo roll paper size
≤ (200-660)mm x Φ1200mm (Depending on your napkin size,customized)
Open Napkin size
200mm x 200mm to 460mm x 460mm or Customized.
Folded napkin size 100mm x 100mm to 230mm x 230mm
One napkin size is fixed.
One napkin size is adjustable, decided by the napkin paper roll width.
napkin Folding types
Mechanical fold with band saw cutting; 1/4 fold;
Vacuum folding and other folding types are available. For example, 1/4 fold, 1/2 fold, V fold, single sheet napkin without fold.
Folding unit With folding fingers.
Napkin embossing unit 1- Steel to paper(wool) embossing, Male to female embossing. (Steel to steel embossing is available.)
2- Embossing pattern can be any LOGO, brand name, flowers etc.
3- Embossing pattern can be customized by client or recommended by us
4- Controlled by screws, mechanical pressing type. Cylinder type is optional.
Napkin color printing unit 1- Flexo printing type.
2- Printing colors can be customized up to 8 colors.
3- Printing Logo is changeable. You just need to change the Printing Rubber only.
4- With ceramic Anilox roll for transfer the inks.
5- Printing roll is adjustable.
6- Ink printing system to be negotiated. It can be doctor blade type printing unit.
Tension control
Speedless Tension control unit to fit the machine for napkin paper of different quaity and different gsm.
Can be equipped with automatic aligner to keep the napkin running straight.
With automatic web guiding system (auto aligner unit) keep the napkin running straight.
With automatic web tension control system.
Calendaring unit
Make the napkin softer. better quality for printing.
napkin counting unit Automatic counting unit
Emergent stop
Emergent stop unit to inspect any paper breaks, paper jams.
Machine Power about 5.5Kw depends on requiremetns (3-phase AC380V 50Hz or customized)
Machine dimension about 7x2x3m
Machine weight about 5000kg

Below detailed specification of ACE-TNM-2L  High Speed 2 lanes high speed Napkin Machine for reference.

Technical parameter:
A. back stand
1. Parent roll specification: single or double plies tissue paper.
2. Parent roll size: ≤Φ1100 x 600mm (300mm * 2 = 600mm)   Diameter x Width
3. Core inner diameter: 76mm

B. Jumbo Roll Stand Unwinder.
1. With 1 jumbo paper roll unwinder stand;
2. Pneumatic cylinder control
3. Stepless adjusting speed to control web-tension of paper.
4. Auto adjustment setting
5. With pneumatic system to automatically load jumbo rolls.

C. Embossing Unit.
1. With 1 set of steel to paper embossing unit. (Embossing pattern provided by client or recommend by us)
2. Mechanical press type. (Pneumatic system or hydraulic system is optional.)
napkin machine with bulky embossing
D. Color Printing Unit (advanced design.)
1. With 2 colors printing units. (flexo printing type). (3 or 4 colors printing is optional.)
2. Printing unit is driven by timing belts to make printing napkin more precise.
3. Simple and easy adjustment of horizontal and longitudinal registration by turning hand wheel.
4. With automatic printing roller disconnection device during machine stop. If the machine stops, the rubber roller will automatically disconnect with the printing unit, controlled by pneumatic system.
6. Both sides of Anilox roll & Rubber roll with buffer for anti-spill covers to prevent the ink spilling out of the ink tank and spraying to the machine.
7. The color printing unit is equipped with cover on the in tank to prevent the inks spilling out of the ink tanks.
8. With printing ink reservoir for reserve dropping ink and avoid ink dropping on machine or place to keep environment clean.

E. Folding Section
1. Unfolded size:  300x300mm
2. Folded size:    150x150mm
3. Fold type: 1/4 fold and mechanical fold.
4. Synchronizer for feeding paper
5. The gap between 2 folding cylinders can be adjustable to fit for papers of different gsm and different quality.
6. With 2 decks output delivery.
7. Capacity: about 600-800 piece/min/deck x 2deck = 1200-1600 piece/min total, depending on paper quality, gsm and workers operation.
8. With automatic counting unit. With single tissue pop up every count.
9. Automatic counting function: counting range: 0-9999 sheet per count, adjustable.

Photos of this  2lanes high speed paper napkin machine for reference.
high speed napkin machine


china napkin printing machine

tall fold napkin machine

C. Control system
1. Controlled by Taiwan DELTA inverter, NOT like others using inferior buttons which is bad.
2. With variable frequency speed control motor, NOT like others use electric magnetic speed regulation motor which is bad.
3. With alarm system when the machine starts or paper breaks or emergency stops.
4. With JOG function.
5. With emergency stop function.
6. With auto sensors for detecting paper breaks or used up. Machine will automatically stop if paper breaks or used up.
7. Famous brand motor.
8. Power: 2.75~4.5kw (3-phase 380V 50Hz or customized)
9. Pressure: 0.5MPa.
10. Machine size: 6x1.5x1.8(M)
11. Weight: about 4500 kg

D. Important parts:
1. Taiwan DELTA Inverter. Much easier for operation. (Other companies use only buttons and even all inferior buttons, easy to damage. And they use Elctromagnetic speed control, easy to get broken.)
2. Japan Omron sensors for detecting paper break. (Other companies use inferior brands)
3. Franch Schneider electrical parts like breakers, contactors and relays. (Other companies inferior brands made in China)
4. French Schneider buttons  (Other companies use bad quality buttons)
5. The best China bearings, even Japan NSK bearings for the main aprts.   (Other companies use cheap inferior brands bearings)
6. Taiwan Airtac cylinders.  (Other companies use not that good brand)
7. The best brand motor made in China. (Other companies inferior brand)
8. Stronger structure and better quality parts than others. Complete thickened wallboard steel plate structure to ensure high speed running, no vibration.

Free spare parts
1. Plastic tuckers. 4pcs
2. Band saws 4pcs
3. Timing belt 1 pc each type
4. tool kit

Bearings NSK
PLC Siemens
Inverter Siemens
Touch screen Siemens
Auto web guide Italy Best
Auto tension system Like
Steel High Speed steel
Anilox Ceramix

Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer
A: We are factory.
Q: How long is your delivery time?
A: Generally it is 5-10 days if the goods are in stock. or it is 60-90 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.
Q: Do you provide samples ? is it free or extra ?
A: Yes, we could offer the sample for free charge but do not pay the cost of freight.
Q: What is your terms of payment ?
A: Payment<=1000USD, 100% in advance. Payment>=1000USD, 30% T/T in advance ,balance before shippment.

Sample made by this tissue napkin machine:


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