6 Lanes Paper Napkin Tissue Folding Machine

6 Lanes Paper Napkin Tissue Folding Machine
  • 6 Lanes Paper Napkin Tissue Folding Machine
  • 6 Lanes Paper Napkin Tissue Folding Machine

The high speed 7000 pc/min Napkin Machine for Sale Good Price is the best napkin folding machine by China paper napkin manufacturers in 2020. This six layers napkin making machine can make 1/4 quarter fold cocktail napkins, 1/6 tallfold dispenser napkins,

  • Product No.: ACE-TNM-3L-6H


 High speed paper napkin printing machine manufacturers in China

Many tissue converting compaines are looking for paper napkin making machine taiwan or tissue napkin machine high speed. Actually now there are manufacturers of high quality napkin folding printing machines in China. ACE is one of companies who makes high speed napkin machine 7500 sheet/min.

1- High speed up to 7000 sheet/min.
2- Six lanes output.
3- Easy maintenance.
4- Advanced technology.

Below please check out this video link of our ACE-TNM-3L-6H 6 Lanes High Speed 
7000 pc/min Napkin Machine for Sale Good Price in China

for your reference.

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Photos of our ACE-TNM-3L-6H 6 Lanes High Speed 7000 pc/min Napkin Machine for Sale Good Price in China for your review.
napkin machine in China

Below technical specification of our high speed napkin paper folding machine (for more details, please clikc the link) for your reference.

TNM-3L-6H 4Lanes Super High Speed Lunch Napkin Folding Machine

Technical parameter:

A. back stand

1.    Parent roll specification: 16-75g/m2 single or double ply; 13-18gsm 2 plies tissue paper or nonwoven airlaid. Or customized materials.

2.    Parent roll size: Φ1500mm x1800mm.( 330mm*6lanes = 1980mm.)  Diameter x Width

3.    Core inner diameter: 76mm

4.    Unwind belt for the parent roll to be on top of the roll instead of the bottom

5.    The parent roll is driven by an independent motor. NOT belts.

6.    Thickened steel wallboard structure to reduce vibration while running high speed running.


B. Feeding Section

1.    With One jumbo roll stand;

2.    Pneumatic cylinder control

3.    Stepless adjusting speed to control web-tension of paper.

4.    Auto adjustment setting

5.    With pneumatic system to automatically load jumbo rolls.

6.    With Tension Balance Beam.(Dancing rollers) to auto control the wen tension.

7.    The jumbo roll is driven by an independent motor.


C.    Embossing Section

1.    With 1 set of steel to paper embossing unit. (Embossing pattern provided by client or recommend by us)

2.    Embossing tension is adjustable.

3.    Mechanical press type.

4.    With safety guards.

5.    With optical sensors to detect paper break, if paper breaks, machine will stop automatically.

6.    Driven by an independent motor. NOT Chains or belts.

7.    Thickened steel wallboard structure to reduce vibration while running high speed running..


D.    Folding Section

1.    Napkin sizes.

      Open size:   330x330mm

      Folded size:  165x165mm

      Fixed Cutoff cylinder size: 330mm. 

2.    Folder type: mechanical folding type, 1/4 quarter fold & 1/6 tall fold or custom folding like 1/12 and 1/8 folds..

3.    Synchronizer for feeding paper

4.    The gap and distance between two folding rollers can be adjustable to fit for different paper gsm and thickness.

5.    With 5 sets of slitting blades, cutting the tissue into 6 lanes.

6.    With 3 decks 6 heads output delivery, total 6 lanes output.

7.    Capacity: About 350m/min, about 1000sheet/min/lane * 6lanes = 6000 sheet/min total, depending on paper quality, gsm and workers operation.

8.    With automatic counting unit, every count 1 - 99999 sheet/count. With tissue pop up every count.

9.    With “guard doors” for the folding head.

10.  With automatic sharpening system for grinding the bandsaws.

11.  With easy system for Changing Band Saw. There are slots on the tray so that the operator can slide the band saw out without removing any other parts, when he needs to change the band saw.

12.  Can be designed to make both 1/4 quarterfold napkins and 1/6 tallfold napkins.(Need customized and both 1/4 and 1/6 must have same cutoff size.)

13.  Driven by an independent motor. NOT chains or belts.


E.    Control system

1.    Controlled by Inverter.

2.    With JOG function, easy for threading the paper and maintenance. With 2 JOG buttons on the control box (which is near the folding head) and near the parent roll.

3.    With emergency stop function, better for safety, you can stop the machine any time when there is emergency.

4.    With alarm system-----alarm that goes off when the machine gets started.

5.    With 2 locations to adjust the paper tension, one is near the parent roll, the other is on the top of the folding head.

6.    With auto grease fittings system. Automatically feed the grease to the main bearings to prolong the life span of the bearings.

7.    With auto sensors for detecting paper breaks or used up. Machine will automatically stop if paper breaks or used up.

8.    Famous brand motor.

9.    Power: about  7.5 to 11 kw (3-phase AC380V 50Hz or customized)

10.  Pressure: 0.5MPa.

11.  Machine size:6x2x2(M)

12.  Weight: about 6000 kg


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