Lamination and Two Colors Printing Napkin Tissue Paper Machine

Lamination and Two Colors Printing Napkin Tissue Paper Machine

This automatic point to point Lamination & Two Colors Printing Tissue Paper Napkin Machine is the best in China. The speed is 2000 sheet/min, same Taiwan design. It can make both laminated and printed tissue paper napkins and airlaid nonwoven wipes.

  • Product No.: ACE-TNM-L-2C


The best lamination & printing napkin machine manufacturer in China


This ACE-TNM-L-2C Automatic China Tissue Paper Napkin Machine with Lamination and Two Colors Printing with China Taiwan Design can make tissue paper napkins with both point to point glue lamination and 2 colors printing. It is mainly used to automatically fold, emboss, print, cut and count 1/4, 1/8, 1/6, 1/12 fold table napkins, cocktail napkin, restaurant napkins, beverage napkin, luncheon napkin, 1/6 fold tall fold dispenser napkin, wallet tissue, nonwoven airlaid napkins and MG paper napkins etc. It adopts vacuum folding style. The mainly function of this machine is to manufacture easy-to-take one by one plain, embossed and LOGO printed and laminated dinner tissue paper napkins. It has 4 lanes output and can run at very high speed up to 2000 sheets per minute. It is an ideal equipment to manufacture away-from-home customized color printing and laminated tissue paper napkin products. 

Quick details:

1 Size 300x300mm 330x330mm 400x400mm,etc. customized.

2 Steel to paper embossing unit

3 Double lanes / double layers / double decks.

4 Mechanical fold 1/4 or 1/6

5 With both point to point glue lamination and 2 colors printing.

6 Speed 2000 sheet/min.

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Photos of our 
ACE-TNM-L-2C Automatic China Tissue Paper Napkin Machine with Lamination and Two Colors Printing for your review.
lamination paper napkin machine

Below technical specification of our high speed napkin paper folding machine (for more details, please clikc the link) for your reference.

Technical parameters

Model   ACE-TNM-L-2C

Output type Napkin Tissue Folding Machine With Lamination, Paper Napkin Laminated Machine

Folding speed     2000 piece/min, depending on the paper quality and napkin size.

Raw paper : 13-20g/m2 2-ply, 16-45g/m2 1-ply, wooden pulp paper or MG paper or nonwoven airlaid.


Other sizes please specify.

Jumbo roll size    300mm x Φ1200mm (Depends on your napkin size, customized)

Napkin unfolded size 300mm x 300mm or Customized.

Napkin folded size    

150mm x 150mm

One size is fixed. One napkin size is adjustable, by paper roll width.

Folding type

Mechanical folding

Bandsaw cutting

1/4 1/6 fold etc..


Printing unit

1- Flexo printing type.

2- Printing colors customized up to 8 colors.

3- Printing Logo is changeable. You just need to change the Printing Rubber only.

4- Anilox printing roll. Ceramic anilox roller.

5- Printing roll is adjustable.

6- Ink printing system to be negotiated.

7- With doctor blades.

8- Closed chamber ink circulating system.


A. Point to point Lamination system

a. With 2 sets of lamination units.

b. The whole design is copied Italy design.

c. Heavy chrome coating roll

d. Micro-adjustment of nips between the steel roll

e. Anilox roll for glue applicant.

f. Controlled by cylinders

g. Each lamination unit controlled by an independent reducer. When the machine stops, the motor will start running to rotate the anilox roll to prevent it getting dry.

D. Important parts:

1. Taiwan DELTA Inverter. Much easier for operation. (Other companies use only buttons and even all inferior buttons, easy to damage. And they use Elctromagnetic speed control, easy to get broken.)

2. Japan Omron sensors for detecting paper break. (Other companies use inferior brands)

3. Franch Schneider electrical parts like breakers, contactors and relays. (Other companies inferior brands made in China)

4. French Schneider buttons (Other companies use bad quality buttons)

5. The best China bearings, even Japan NSK bearings for the main aprts. (Other companies use cheap inferior brands bearings)

6. Taiwan Airtac cylinders. (Other companies use not that good brand)

7. The best brand motor made in China. (Other companies inferior brand)

8. Stronger structure and better quality parts than others. Complete thickened wallboard steel plate structure to ensure high speed running, no vibration.


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